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62 g Portion   % DV*
Calories 369,5Kcal 15
Carbohydrates 49,37g 20
Proteins 3,47g 7
Total Fat 17,23g 22
Saturated Fat 5,7g 23
Trans Fat 0g -
Dietary Fibers 1,0g 6,55
Calcium 54,00g 4
Iron 0,6mg 2
Sodium 55,00mg 0


Contains no significant amount of trans fat, dietary fibers and sodium. (*) % Daily Values of Reference based on a diet of 2000 Kcal or 8400 kJ. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.


Cream: Sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, powdered whey, powdered cocoa and hazelnut spread. Contains soy lecithin stabilizers, mono and diglycerides, natural vanilla extract and hazelnut artificial flavoring agent. GLUTEN-FREE.

Wafers: Wheat flour, sugar, corn starch, vegetable fat, powdered whole milk, soy lecithin, artificial vanilla flavoring agent, powdered egg yolk and liquid caramel coloring agent. CONTAINS GLUTEN.

Box with 24 units with 408 g of wafers and 1.32 kg of dough
Box with 8 units with 1,63 of wafers and 1.32 kg of dough
Display with 6 units.